What the heck are Twitter’s “moments” for?

7550960312_9e8f883d38_o(1)Photo courtesy of freeimages.com/SEOWorldwide

Twitter is the king of “if it isn’t broken, we’ll fix it anyway.” They added a heart button to tweets when no one was really crying out for one; they will be removing Twitter names from the 140 characters you are allowed to tweet, which will almost certainly lead to really long, annoying tweets; and they have this stupid “moments” feed, which is the most ridiculous thing ever.

Moments are just a long list of news and what is trending, but if you want to see what is trending, all you have to do is look on the left of your Twitter homepage. Furthermore, the layout of Moments is really clunky, like some fifth-grader’s attempt to do Tumblr, and many of the “moments” themselves are things that happened yesterday. Why bother reading about things that happened yesterday when the trending section will tell you what is happening right now? The Moments page just makes things a whole lot more complicated than they need to be.

These new rollouts, like Moments and hearts, hurt the Twitter brand. A good brand doesn’t need to add improvements every few minutes. A good brand is confident of the services they are offering, not trying to play catch-up with the other guy. And when you include such unnecessary rollouts, eventually you may have to realize the error of your ways and delete them. That makes you look like you tried something that didn’t work, which isn’t a good look for a brand.

I think Twitter is trying these new additions because they are trying to make themselves attractive enough to eventually start charging money for their services. That would be the smart move, anyway, because right now, they are losing a huge source of income by not charging the users. But will the users pay when they’ve gotten it for free for so long? Maybe a fraction will if you give them special features, but I don’t believe the majority will. This is the main financial problem for Twitter.

What do you think of Twitter’s Moments? Are they worth it? Do they provide value to you as a business?



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