Two Secret Ways to Analyze Tweets

Image via Svilen Milev at

How do you know if your tweets are attracting an audience? You can tell a little by how many re-tweets you get, or how many times someone “hearts” a tweet, or how many new followers you get, but there are other ways to measure your tweeting success that are more thorough and a little less obvious to the beginning tweeter (meaning it only took me seven years on Twitter to figure out).

Twitter analytics is an amazing free measurement tool. It gives you a month-by-month summary of how many tweets you posted, how many tweet impressions you received (for more about tweet impressions, click here), profile visits and mentions.

It also lets you see your top tweet of the month, who is your most popular follower, and how many impressions the top tweet received. It’s a great way to see what subjects get you the most attention. (My most popular tweets tend to be anything having to do with celebrities and humor.) Go to “audiences” (at the very top of the page) and you’ll see what subject is of paramount interest to the folks you’re tweeting to.

If you want to analyze each tweet individually, click on the thing that looks like a couple of chimneys on the bottom of your tweet (it’s next to the heart symbol). That tells you how many impressions that particular tweet received.

Use these tools to create future tweets and watch your follower count grow.